Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Missed Bitcoin Opportunity for Lily Allen

If there's one thing that's good with the internet, it's that it keeps receipts. In an article in 2014, "Lily Allen calls herself an 'idiot' for declining Bitcoin payment now worth millions". Now imagine the worth of that now that Bitcoin has breached USD 7,500. The singer refused an offer to play an online gig for the virtual currency
Pop star Lily Allen has voiced her regret at refusing to accept payment in Bitcoins for a gig. The "Hard Out Here"” singer was asked to perform on 3D chat website Second Life from the comfort of her home “about five years ago”. She turned down the offer as the virtual currency was worth only a small amount at the time and largely reserved for experimental use in online games. About three years ago, the singer recalled the offer: The 28-year-old’s head is now in her hands as a single bitcoin is currently valued at about $7,400; making “hundreds of thousands” a huge fee to have rejected. Allen’s fortune could be worth much more than her £6m reported worth (in 2014) had she accepted Second Life’s offer. And imagine if she had accepted and held that much now! The price has fluctuated since the first transaction using the currency took place in July 2010, when two Papa John's pizzas were bought with 10,000 Bitcoins. Up until 2011, one unit was worth just 15p. Source: Independent

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