Thursday, June 14, 2018

CryptoCurrency News: The EOS Blockchain Is Now Officially Live

EOS holders elected their first set of block producers, so the hotly anticipated blockchain is now live.

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CryptoCurrency News: SEC Official Pushes Back on Claims Ether Is a Security

SEC official William Hinman said the regulatory agency is not classifying ethereum as a security.

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CryptoCurrency News: Steve Bannon May be Eyeing a Move into the ICO Space

Not content with disrupting U.S. politics, Steve Bannon now wants to disrupt the financial system with a move into the crypto space.

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CryptoCurrency News: Final Frontier? William Shatner Boldly Goes into Bitcoin Mining

Star Trek actor William Shatner is now representing Solar Alliance in its move to build a solar-powered bitcoin mining facility in Illinois.

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CryptoCurrency News: ItBit Exchange Adds 4 New Cryptos for Investors

ItBit says it has received approval in New York state to expand its trading and custody services to include four more cryptocurrencies.

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CryptoCurrency News: Crypto Tycoons Spar Over Alleged 30,000 Bitcoin Debt

Li Xiaolai, a noted Chinese bitcoin investor, has said he may take legal action against another Chinese entrepreneur over claims about a bitcoin fund.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Prices Stabilize Above $6K – But Will They Stay?

Bitcoin has made a 6 percent recovery from the 90-day low hit yesterday, but what happens next?

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CryptoCurrency News: Thailand's SEC Expects to Approve 5 ICOs This Month

Thailand's securities regulator is reportedly about to make the country one of the first to register token sales in a regulated environment.

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CryptoCurrency News: Jim Chanos Is Out of His Depth Trashing Crypto Assets

Like Warren Buffett, Jim Chanos is an expert in his domain, which is traditional finance, not crypto. And he's getting it wrong too.

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CryptoCurrency News: Chinese Banks to Put Credit Blacklist on a Shared Blockchain

The banking arm of Chinese retail giant Suning is testing a blockchain that would allow banks to share a ledger of users with bad credit scores.

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