Friday, July 13, 2018

CryptoCurrency News: 5 Crypto Assets Are Soaring Big on Possible Coinbase Listings

Coinbase announced they might add five more cryptocurrencies to their platform, and the market reacted with glee.

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CryptoCurrency News: Something Strange Is Going On at a Crypto Exchange Called WEX

Users of WEX, the cryptocurrency exchange built on the ashes of BTC-e, are reporting withdrawal problems.

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CryptoCurrency News: Tezos Is Giving Away Grant Money to Crypto Developers

The Tezos Foundation is launching a grant program to encourage its community to participate on its platform starting next month.

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CryptoCurrency News: Russians Indicted for US Election Hacks Used Bitcoin to Fund Operations

Twelve Russian officials indicted for hacking into Democratic National Committee email accounts allegedly used cryptocurrencies, the DOJ announced.

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CryptoCurrency News: Major League Baseball Collectibles Are Coming to Ethereum

Major League Baseball (MLB) is partnering with a blockchain startup to launch a decentralized app trading game.

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CryptoCurrency News: Hedge Fund Billionaire Steven Cohen Is Getting into Crypto

Billionaire Steven Cohen, once dubbed the "Hedge Fund King," has reportedly invested in a crypto hedge fund.

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CryptoCurrency News: Chinese Tech Firm Probed Over Launch of Crypto-Mining Video Console

Leshi Internet, a video streaming service with a history of financial issues, is being questioned by a stock exchange over its move into crypto. 

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CryptoCurrency News: US Judge Delays Crypto Fraud Ruling Pending CFTC Response

A judge in New York has postponed a decision on a crypto fraud lawsuit until the CFTC can explain how it calculated damages.

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CryptoCurrency News: CoinList's Fifth ICO Is a $61 Million Bid to Tokenize All the Assets

CoinList, arguably the top site for listing token sales, has chosen TrustToken as the fifth ICO to be hosted on its website.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Again Shows Green Shoots After $6K Defense

Bitcoin (BTC) could soon test $6,400, having seen a high-volume reversal from the two-week lows hit yesterday.

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CryptoCurrency News: University Researchers Turn to Blockchain to Preserve Cultural Heritage

A team from China's Tsinghua University is patenting a way to store and share digital versions of culturally important objects using a blockchain.

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CryptoCurrency News: Robinhood's Plan to Win the Crypto Exchange War? Kill Trading Fees

CEO of Robinhood Markets, Vlad Tenev, explains why he thinks fee-based cryptocurrency trading will soon become a relic of the past.

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[FOREX TIP] GBPJPY Price Action Analysis – 13th July 2018


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CryptoCurrency News: OKCoin Exchange Launches in US With Fiat-to-Crypto Trading

Crypto exchange OKCoin has launched a branch in the U.S. market to offer trading services between U.S. dollars and several major cryptocurrencies. 

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