Friday, May 3, 2019

CryptoCurrency News: MIT Economist Christian Catalini Said to Be Working on Facebook’s Crypto Push

Prominent crypto researcher Christian Catalini is helping Facebook with its stablecoin efforts, two sources with knowledge of the situation tell CoinDesk.

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CryptoCurrency News: Tokenized Securities Exchange Currency.com Launches to the Public

Belarus-based exchange Currency.com has left beta mode to offer trading and investment in 1,000 tokenized securities.

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CryptoCurrency News: As Gold Prices Stumble, Inverse Correlation with Bitcoin Reaches 14-Month High

Correlation isn't causation but it looks like gold's fall is driving BTC up.

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CryptoCurrency News: NYPD Warns $2 Million Stolen in Scam Involving Bitcoin

The New York Police Department warned the public to be aware of phone scams where callers impersonate government officials and demand payments in bitcoin.

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CryptoCurrency News: Euronet Subsidiary Ria Turns to Ripple Tech Seeking Faster Money Transfers

Ria Money Transfer, one of the world's biggest remittance firms, has joined Ripple's blockchain-based payments network.

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CryptoCurrency News: Blockchain Firm SETL Sidesteps Insolvency to Return as Leaner New Entity

Blockchain infrastructure firm SETL, which filed for insolvency in March, is back as a new entity formed by its management team.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Price Spikes to Fresh 5-Month Highs Above $5,700

Bitcoin's price hit 5.5-month highs above $5,700 soon before press time, bolstering both short- and long-term bullish views.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Mining’s New Bidding War

The cost of secondhand cryptocurrency mining equipment in China has nearly doubled in the last few weeks in response to bitcoin’s price jump.

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CryptoCurrency News: Facebook in Talks to Build Ecosystem for Planned Stablecoin: WSJ

Facebook is said to be in talks with firms, including Visa and Mastercard, to support and fund its planned fiat-backed cryptocurrency.

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