Saturday, May 4, 2019

CryptoCurrency News: NY Regulators: Bitfinex Must Be Made to Disclose Tether Deal Documents

The New York Attorney General's office has told a court that Bitfinex and Tether must turn over documents detailing an $850 million cover-up.

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CryptoCurrency News: ‘Not a White Paper’: Marketing Document Details $1 Billion Bitfinex Token Sale

New details are emerging about a planned $1 billion token sale to be held by iFinex, the parent company of Bitfinex and Tether, two cryptocurrency companies currently being sued by the state of New York for allegedly covering up a $850 million loss in customer funds. Released today on Twitter by known company shareholder and […]

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CryptoCurrency News: A Visual Guide to the Hot, New Crypto Fundraising Mechanism – the IEO

The ICO market might have cooled, but there's still fundraising going on in the blockchain space – it's now being done through the IEO, or initial exchange offering, and we break down how this mechanism is different our latest explainer video.

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CryptoCurrency News: Earn.com Founder Balaji S. Srinivasan ‏Is Leaving Coinbase

Balaji S. Srinivasan, creator of the secretive 21.co and Earn.com, is leaving as CTO of Coinbase.

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CryptoCurrency News: Fidelity Hires Barclays’ Former Head of Digital Assets

Financial services giant Fidelity hired Chris Tyrer, former head of Barclays' digital assets project.

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CryptoCurrency News: Binance, OKEx and KuCoin Are Using IEOs to Command the Spotlight

So far, initial exchange offerings are the hottest token fundraising trend of 2019.

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