Sunday, March 29, 2020

CryptoCurrency News: Can Bitcoin Survive the Climate Change Revolution?

If ESG is becoming the new buzzword among impact-minded financial institutions, where does energy-intensive bitcoin fit in?

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CryptoCurrency News: Riot Blockchain Says Coronavirus Outbreak Might Hurt Crypto Mining Farms

Riot Blockchain's 10-K filing captures the fear COVID-19 is sowing in American companies.

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CryptoCurrency News: Singapore Crypto Exchange Eyes US Expansion After Registering With FinCEN

Singapore-based Bitget has registered with the U.S. Treasury Department as a money services business, the first step to launching operations in the country.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bear Market Over? Charts on Bitcoin and ASX 200 Suggest Otherwise

U.S stocks are showing signs of life amid the recent $2 trillion stimulus package. Yet it may be a while before confidence is restored.

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CryptoCurrency News: Luxury Watchmaker Breitling Adds Its First Timepieces to a Blockchain

In a rare example of real-world business deployment, Breitling is registering watches on a blockchain to track their provenance from owner to owner.

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CryptoCurrency News: How MakerDAO’s Stablecoin Survived the Crash, Smart Contract Bugs and Full Decentralization

How do DeFi stablecoins actually work, and what happened during the sudden, precipitous drop in crypto prices earlier this month? On today's show Andreas M. Antonopoulos leads us through a very interesting system and how it survived 'Black Thursday'.

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CryptoCurrency News: Telegram Ruling Closes Another Door to Legally-Compliant Token Sales

A recent ruling stopping Telegram from distributing its cryptocurrency creates new legal peril for public blockchains, argues lawyer Josh Lawler.

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