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CryptoCurrency News: Square Seeks BitLicense to Bring Bitcoin Buying to New York

Square is in the process of applying for a BitLicense in a bid to expand its Cash App's bitcoin option to New York residents.

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CryptoCurrency News: ICOs Go to Washington: What to Expect When Congress Talks Crypto

The U.S. House's Capital Markets, Securities and Investment subcommittee will explore cryptocurrencies and ICO markets in a hearing on Wednesday.

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CryptoCurrency News: No-Fork Guarantee? New Cryptocurrency Touts Resistance to Code Splits

Hedera, a new public ledger developed by enterprise DLT software firm Swirlds, uses a patented codebase to prevent forking or cloning of the currency.

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CryptoCurrency News: CFTC Official Backs Winklevoss Brothers' Crypto Self-Regulation Bid

CFTC Commissioner Brian Quintenz has expressed approval over a virtual commodities SRO proposed by Gemini founders Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.

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[FOREX NEWS] USD/CAD: To Struggle Back Above 1.30; 1.32 Break ‘Serious’ Challenge – BTMU

USD/CAD shot higher on the dovish words of BOC Governor Stephen Poloz. But can it go even higher? Here is the view from BTMU: Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: BTMU Research discusses USD/CAD outlook, and notes that that its valuation model based on the higher price of oil alone suggests that USD/CAD should currently be [...]

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[FOREX NEWS] US CPI Carried No Reason For Fed To Get More Aggressive – CIBC

The US reported a core inflation rate of 0.2% m/m and 1.8% y/y, exactly as expected and not really exciting. What does this mean for the Fed and the US Dollar? Here is their view, courtesy of eFXnews: CIBC Research discusses the reaction to today’s US CPI data for the month of February. “You can [...]

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CryptoCurrency News: Binance Unveils New Blockchain to Support Decentralized Crypto Exchange

Binance announced Binance Chain, a public blockchain for trading assets, on Tuesday.

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CryptoCurrency News: IMF's Lagarde: Track Cryptos with Blockchain to 'Fight Fire with Fire'

IMF head Christine Lagarde has argued that regulators could use blockchain technology itself to regulate cryptocurrencies

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CryptoCurrency News: OpenBazaar Raises $5 Million from Bitmain, OMERS Ventures

OB1, the development company behind decentralized online marketplace OpenBazaar, has raised $5 million in a Series A funding round.

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CryptoCurrency News: ZhongAn Wants to Identify Media Pirates with Blockchain Tool

ZhongAn Technology, a subsidiary of Chinese online insurer ZhongAn, hopes to patent a blockchain solution for protecting digital media against piracy.

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CryptoCurrency News: Monero Eyes $200 Reversal Target After Hard Fork Delay

Menero will likely drop to $200 - a potential bullish reversal point ahead of the moneroV hard fork, now scheduled for April 30.

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CryptoCurrency News: Japan to Call for G20 Action on Crypto Money Laundering

Japan is reportedly planning to use the G20 meeting next week to call for combined efforts to combat cryptocurrency use in money laundering.

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CryptoCurrency News: JP Morgan's Amber Baldet On What Enterprise Wants from Ethereum

In a keynote speech at an ethereum developer meetup last week, JP Morgan's blockchain lead opened up about her thinking on the tech and its future.

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CryptoCurrency News: Thai Bank Extending Ripple Remittances to Euro and Pound

Thailand's Siam Commercial Bank is adding two new currencies to its Ripple-based blockchain remittance platform.

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CryptoCurrency News: Down But Not Out: Bitcoin Remains on Hunt for $10K

Bitcoin remains on track to re-test $10,000 and possibly break higher – as long as prices hold above $8,300.

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CryptoCurrency News: Spooked By SEC, Video Streaming ICO Halts Airdrop

Stream had a plan to launch its product, sell its tokens to investors and give away 500 million more. That's all on hold now, as SEC action looms.

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CryptoCurrency News: China's IT Ministry Moves to Create National Blockchain Standards

China's information and technology ministry aims to establish a standards committee to boost the development of blockchain in the country.

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[FOREX TIP] AUDJPY Price Action Analysis – 13th Mar 2018

AUDJPY has been Bullish on the H4 chart. The pair has had a consolidation. Today’s price action suggests that the consolidation might get over and we might get an upward breakout today. If that happens then the pair would offer us a long opportunity later today. Let us have a look at the AUDJPY chart.

AUDJPY Price Action Analysis – 13th Mar 2018

The pair has been having a consolidation within those two red lines. The first H4 candle today came out as a Doji candle and the next one came out as a strong Bullish candle. We need to see a breakout at the level of 84.050 though. If we get an H4 breakout at that level and the breakout is held by the next H4 candle, then buying the pair would get us some green pips with an excellent risk and reward ratio. Let us have a look at the summary of the trade.

  • Buy Stop Order: 84.050
  • Stop Loss: 83.575
  • Take Profit: 84.800
  • Validity: 72 hours
  • Whenever possible, move the stop loss to the entry price and whenever you want, you can take profit anytime as long as you feel comfortable

None of the currency on AUDJPY has any high impact news event today. This means if the breakout happens, there is a good chance that the correction and the signal would come as we are expecting here. The signal has to come at or after GMT 14.00 since one H4 candle has to make the breakout and another one has to be held. Thus, the earliest we might get the signal is at GMT 14.00. Meanwhile, we wait to see whether the breakout happens or not.

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