Saturday, May 11, 2019

CryptoCurrency News: ConsenSys CEO Predicts Trump Re-Election, Facebook Breakup and Crypto Revival

To close out the Ethereal Summit, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin delivered a keynote address from the year 2047 that foretold social crisis and the rise of Web 3.

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CryptoCurrency News: $1 Million Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt Attracts 60,000 Digital Sleuths (And New Investors)

Satoshi's Treasure has attracted enough sponsorship to continue making crypto-centric games even after someone wins this initial prize.

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CryptoCurrency News: GoTenna Partners With Blockstream Satellite to Make Using Bitcoin Without an Internet Connection Simpler

Sending bitcoin transactions without an internet connection just got a little bit easier. Announced at the Magical Crypto Conference on Saturday in New York City, Blockstream Satellite and goTenna are integrating their technologies to make it easier to send bitcoin transactions with technology used to onboard people without direct internet connections. Blockstream Satellite is a […]

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CryptoCurrency News: HTC Says Its Next Smartphone Will Run a Full Bitcoin Node

HTC plans to release a low-cost smartphone capable of running a full bitcoin node by the end of Q3.

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CryptoCurrency News: Ethereum Foundation Plans to Spend $30 Million on Ecosystem Development

The Ethereum Foundation's executive director, Aya Miyaguchi, announced how much the non-profit aims to spend on critical projects.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Price Hits 8-Month High Close to $7K

Bitcoin surged to an eight-month high of $6,964 earlier today, as a bull cross of long-term moving averages occurred for the first time since 2015.

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CryptoCurrency News: Moving Beyond ‘The Blockchain Is the App’

Blockchains are useless on their own. For decentralized computing to work, they must intersect with other solutions. writes Intel's Mic Bowman.

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