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CryptoCurrency News: Dutch Authorities Arrest 2 in Million-Euro Crypto Money Laundering Investigations

Dutch tax enforcers with the Netherlands’ Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service arrested two men Monday for laundering millions of euros in cryptocurrency.

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[FOREX TIP] AUD/CAD Daily Price Forecast – 20th Feb 2020

CHFJPY produced a bullish daily candle at a support zone yesterday. On the H4 chart, today’s first H4 candle came out as a strong bearish candle closing within that level of support. As of writing, the current H4 candle has been bullish. If the candle closes as a bullish reversal candle forming at double bottom support, the buyers may go long on the pair above the neckline level. Let us have a look at the H4 CHFJPY chart.

This trade idea was generated by our powerful Elite Swing Trader System on an H4 time frame.

CHF/JPY Daily Price Forecast – 18th Feb 2020

CHF/JPY Daily Price Forecast – 18th Feb 2020

The chart shows that the price had a bounce at the level of 111.710 yesterday. Today’s first candle closed within the level as well. This is a sign that the level may produce a double bottom. If the price heads towards the North and makes a breakout at the level of 111.950, the buyers may trigger a long entry to grab some green pips. The price may head towards the level of 113.070 but may consolidate around the level of 112.570. Let us have a look at the summary of the trade…

  • Buy Limit: 111.737
  • Stop Loss: 111.326
  • Take Profit: 112.103

The market has been sluggish to start this week. It may shift its gear today. If it does, then the market may make a good move this week. However, major pairs seem to be choppy a little after making some big moves on the charts such as the daily and weekly. This suggests that the market may not be a good week as far as price action trading is concerned.

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CryptoCurrency News: No, Concentration Among Miners Isn’t Going to Break Bitcoin

Bitcoin's resilience doesn't depend on widely distributed mining power. It just requires self-interested miners, says CoinDesk columnist Hasu.

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CryptoCurrency News: South Korea’s Central Bank Is Building a New Blockchain System for the Bond Market

The Bank of Korea is reportedly looking to build a blockchain system for the Korean bond market.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Slides Back Below $10K Amid Quick Bearish Sell-Off

Bitcoin has dipped back below the psychological area of support near the $10,000 level amid a 20 minute bearish sell-off.

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CryptoCurrency News: US Court Tells Telegram and SEC to Focus on ‘Economic Realities’ of Gram Token Sale

In his first public comments on the case, U.S. federal judge P. Kevin Castel called on both Telegram and the SEC to consider the "economic realities" of the case such as the gram token’s secondary market.

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CryptoCurrency News: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the DeFi ‘Flash Loan’ Attack

Here's a plain-English breakdown of the bZx attacks and their broader implications for the budding DeFi markets.

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CryptoCurrency News: Gemcoin Founder Agrees to Plead Guilty to Fraud, Tax Evasion for $147M Scheme

Steve Chen agreed to plead guilty to tax evasion and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with the $147 million Gemcoin scheme.

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CryptoCurrency News: On-chain Activity Suggests Bitcoin Price Volatility Will Continue, Thanks to ‘Whales’

Bitcoin’s price volatility spiked in January and could further increase over the near term because “whales” have begun accumulating coins.

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CryptoCurrency News: EU Official: We Can’t Regulate Libra Without More Details

The European Union is still trying to figure out what to do about Libra, according to a new memo.

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CryptoCurrency News: Chainlink’s Sergey Nazarov on What DeFi Can Learn From Early Exchange Hacks

A breakdown of the role of price oracles in the recent DeFi attacks, plus what DeFi can learn from early exchange hacks.

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CryptoCurrency News: The Flash Loan Attacks Explained (For Everybody)

Today we're breaking down the flash loan attacks that rocked the DeFi community in a way even your grandpa can understand, presented in both audio and full-text format.

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CryptoCurrency News: Financial Services: The Coming Cataclysm

The next era of financial services will pit Wall Street against Silicon Valley against open protocols, like bitcoin, says author Alex Tapscott.

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CryptoCurrency News: ICO Project Enigma Settles SEC Charges Over $45M Token Sale

The SEC settled charges with Engima MPC alleging it raised $45 million in an unregistered securities sale with its 2017 ICO. Engima will refund investors and pay a penalty.

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CryptoCurrency News: Tim Draper Buys 2.5% of Aragon Tokens, Becomes Governance Whale

Venture capitalist Tim Draper now controls about 2.5 percent of ANT, the token behind Aragon Network’s digital court system.

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CryptoCurrency News: Openfinance Lists New Security Token in Charity Fundraising Effort

Openfinance recently announced that Lottery.com’s LDCC security token is now available to investors.

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CryptoCurrency News: Blockstation Builds Disclosure Tool for Security Token Issuers on Jamaica Stock Exchange

Blockstation, a digital asset trading systems firm, has built a streamlined disclosures filing tool for companies seeking an STO with the Jamaican Stock Exchange.

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CryptoCurrency News: Crypto Exchange Binance Suspends Trading Over ‘Systems Messaging Error’

The exchange said the outage is due to system maintenance prompted by a problem with a data feed.

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CryptoCurrency News: Italian Soccer Giant Juventus Inks Deal for Ethereum-Based Player Collectibles

The top Italian soccer team is launching digital collectible "cards" of players via a partnership with blockchain-based game platform Sorare.

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CryptoCurrency News: Korean ICO Project Shuts Down, Says ‘Negative Perceptions’ of Crypto Made Business Impossible

Contents Protocol will refund approximately $7.5 million-worth of ether back to investors.

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CryptoCurrency News: Don’t Obsess Over Crypto End-Users, We Still Need Developers to Build the Back End

It’s not all about the needs of end-users. Let's focus on the wants of the developers and dreamers who build crypto infrastructure.

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CryptoCurrency News: UK Crypto Exchange Coinfloor Launches ‘No BS’ Service for Bitcoin Beginners

The exchange, which dropped ethereum to focus solely on bitcoin, is launching a simplified buying service for crypto newbies.

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CryptoCurrency News: Coinbase Becomes First ‘Pure’ Crypto Firm Approved as Visa Principal Member

The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange will have the power to issue payment cards with the new status.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Bulls Back in the Driving Seat as Price Crosses $10K

Bitcoin has crossed into bullish territory above $10,000 alongside gold's rally toward seven-year highs.

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CryptoCurrency News: Policymakers Shouldn’t Fear Digital Money: So Far It’s Maintaining the Dollar’s Status

U.S. policymakers are worried that CBDCs and crypto will harm the dollar's reserve status. But maybe they have it backwards, writes CoinDesk columnist Nic Carter.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Coders Confront an Old Quandary: How to Upgrade an Entire Network

An old debate is resurfacing in the bitcoin developer community, underscoring one of the critical challenges confronting decentralized systems.

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