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CryptoCurrency News: Microsoft Makes JPMorgan’s Quorum the Preferred Blockchain for Azure Cloud

Microsoft will promote JPMorgan Chase's Quorum blockchain to the software giant's business customers in a newly created partnership.

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CryptoCurrency News: DAI Stablecoin’s Stability Fee Nears 20% After Latest MakerDAO Vote

The MakerDAO lending platform will be increasing fees by 3 percent in an effort to retract stablecoin DAI supply and push token prices up to dollar valuation.

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CryptoCurrency News: U.S. DOJ Moves to Detain Defendant in Crypto ‘Shadow Banking’ Case

U.S. prosecutors want to detain Reginald Fowler until his trial for illicitly providing banking services to crypto exchanges, which appear to have included Bitfinex.

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CryptoCurrency News: Qtum Lets Users Deploy a Full Blockchain Node on Google’s Cloud Platform

Qtum releases a new instant virtual machine service on Google's Cloud Platform.

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CryptoCurrency News: Code For Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake Blockchain To Be Finalized Next Month

Ethereum Foundation researcher Justin Drake affirmed that plans to finalize code for ethereum's proof-of-stake blockchain were on track for June 30.

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CryptoCurrency News: 22% of Institutional Investors Have Some Digital Asset Exposure: Fidelity

Institutional investors are increasingly open to adding digital assets to their portfolios, suggests new research from Fidelity Investments.

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CryptoCurrency News: Crypto ‘Winter’ Is Giving Bakkt’s Bitcoin Futures Plan a Boost, ICE Chief Says

ICE CEO Jeffrey Sprecher says crypto winter has been "helpful" to bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt by letting it buy firms on the cheap.

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CryptoCurrency News: London Stock Exchange Watching for ‘Interesting’ Blockchain Use Cases: CEO

The London Stock Exchange is waiting to see which blockchain use cases gain traction before taking the plunge itself, CEO Nikhil Rathi has said.

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CryptoCurrency News: Binance’s Compliance Drive Continues With New Elliptic Partnership

Binance has partnered with blockchain analytics startup Elliptic to combat money laundering as it continues to expand.

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CryptoCurrency News: Diamond Standard Launches Blockchain-Powered Token Backed by Real Gems

A new startup is looking to make diamonds as attractive to institutional investors as gold.

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CryptoCurrency News: Three Price Hurdles That Could Complicate a Bitcoin Rally to $6,000

Bitcoin is on the offensive, having defended key support, but a rally to $6,000 faces several resistance levels lined up in $5,400–$5,900 range.

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CryptoCurrency News: Five Banks Now Let Users Verify Their Identities Using a Blockchain App

Five Canadian banks have rolled out a new blockchain-based mobile service from SecureKey to let customers securely verify their identities.

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CryptoCurrency News: Central Banks Settle Cross-Border Payments With Blockchain for First Time

The central banks of Canada and Singapore have for the first time settled cross-border payments using blockchain and central bank digital currencies.

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CryptoCurrency News: When Tether Warnings Are Marketing Tools

Stablecoin issuers are taking advantage of Tether's troubles to promote their cryptocurrencies as more viable alternates.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Can’t Fix Venezuela – I Should Know

Diana Aguilar used bitcoin to survive in Venezuela, but cryptocurrency can’t fix the troubled nation's economy, she argues.

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