Thursday, February 21, 2019

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CryptoCurrency News: University of Michigan Plans Further Investment in a16z’s Crypto Fund

The University of Michigan’s endowment that is worth about $12 billion is looking to further invest in Andreessen Horowitz’s crypto fund a16z.

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CryptoCurrency News: Overstock CEO Predicts Late 2019 Boost in tZERO Token Trading

Overstock's CEO says he expects volumes on the recently launched tZERO platform to soar after the market opens to retail investors in August.

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CryptoCurrency News: Don’t Expect Bitcoin’s Supply to Change, Says Core Maintainer Wlad van der Laan

In a new interview, bitcoin's lead maintainer, Wlad van der Laan, argues any change to the cryptocurrency's supply would erode its utility and value.

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CryptoCurrency News: Digital Asset’s Europe Head Is Latest to Leave Enterprise Blockchain Startup

The upheaval continues at Digital Asset, with the news that Gavin Wells will step down as head of Europe.

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CryptoCurrency News: AngelList Spin-Off CoinList Announces First Crypto Token Sale of 2019

Token launch platform CoinList is rolling out its first offering of 2019. Announced Thursday, Ocean Protocol, a decentralized data-sharing protocol, is aiming to raise $8 million at 25 cents a token. Registration for the sale opens March 1. It’s the first token sale on CoinList since July 2018, when Origin Protocol set out to raise […]

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CryptoCurrency News: Brazilian Bank Aims to Raise $15 Million Through Security Token Offering

Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual is planning to raise millions of dollars through the offering of a security token tied to property assets.

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CryptoCurrency News: $430K in Confiscated Crypto to Be Sold Off by Irish Auction House

Cryptocurrencies seized by Belgian law enforcement from online drug dealers are set to be sold off by an Ireland-based auction house.

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CryptoCurrency News: Spanish Telecom Giant to Trial Blockchain Consumer Data Marketplace

Telefonica is set to trial consumer data verification on a platform that lets users sell their personal information.

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CryptoCurrency News: QuadrigaCX Has Sent All Its Bitcoin and Ether to ‘Big Four’ Auditor EY

QuadrigaCX's "hot" wallets for bitcoin and ether have been nearly emptied with the funds sent to court-appointed monitor EY.

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CryptoCurrency News: LA Kings Now Let Fans Verify Merchandise Using a Blockchain App

The U.S. ice hockey team has launched a blockchain-based app allowing fans to ensure their merchandise and memorabilia are the real deal.

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CryptoCurrency News: Sequoia India Leads $3 Million Round for Token Startup Tackling ‘Fake News’

Sequoia India has led a $3 million seed round for Band Protocol, a startup that incentivizes reliable content producers with token rewards and staking.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Price ‘Bull Cross’ Points to Positive Market Shift

A much-followed bitcoin price indicator has turned bullish for the first time in seven months, indicating a trend change in the market.

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CryptoCurrency News: Pantera Has Already Raised $125 Million for Its Third Crypto Fund

A slide deck obtained by CoinDesk shows Pantera has secured the majority of its third venture fund, though the bear market has slowed progress.

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CryptoCurrency News: Ohio Eyes Potential Blockchain Benefits in Real Estate Transactions

County auditors in the U.S. state of Ohio have launched a study of the improvements blockchain might bring to property transfers.

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