Tuesday, January 24, 2017

[FOREX NEWS] GBP/USD sells with UK Supreme Court decision

The UK government must pass Article 50 through parliament, as it is a change of UK law.

This is the opinion of 8 justices against 3. The majority explains the decision by saying that the exit from the EU affects the rights of the people.

The dissenting three members see the government’s prerogative. So, the ruling states that [...]

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[FOREX NEWS] German PMIs mixed – EUR/USD wobbles

Markit’s manufacturing PMIs for Germany beat early estimations by hitting a score of 56.5. However, the services sector came out at 53.2 points, below expectations. The composite is slightly lower than forecast. EUR/USD holds its ground and does not go very far in the immediate aftermath. The first purchasing managers’ indices from Germany were expected to remain in [...]

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[FOREX TIP] GBPCAD Trading Signals – 24th Jan 2017

GBPCAD has been on a strong bull trend on the 4HR chart. Having made a double bottom, the produced a huge engulfing 4HR candle. In fact, that candle has set the tone. The trend seems strong still and has the potential to go further up. Let us find out what the potential move would look like and how we would ride on the trend.

Have a look at the 4H GBPCAD chart.

GBPCAD Free Forex Trading Signals – 24th Jan 2017

The support line of the double bottom is an up trending Trend line. Then, the pair produced the huge engulfing candle and continued to go up for 2 more candles. Having corrections for some candles, the price has continued to go up and kept making higher high. The price went up to 1.66150 yesterday. Now the price is having correction. The level of 1.65100 might act like the support. If it really does, then we should wait for a 4HR reversal candle on the support zone and a breakout at the level of 1.66150 to go long on the pair.

Let us have a look at the summary of the trade
  • Buy Stop Order: 1.66150
  • Stop loss: 1.65100
  • Take Profit Target: 1.69475

On today’s chart 1.65100 should act as the support zone. There is a difference between support zone and support line. When price produces the reversal candle and a trending candle after that, we can determine the line. On the other hand, if we wait for the price to make corrections and the reversal candle, then we have to assume the support zone. Support zone could produce a reversal candle from bit further up or down. Here is a thing though, if a reversal candle is produced from too far up or down, then we might as well not consider that as our reversal candle that we wait for.

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