Tuesday, June 5, 2018

CryptoCurrency News: U.S. Telecom Agency Wants Blockchain Policy Suggestions

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has asked industry members to provide suggestions for blockchain policy.

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CryptoCurrency News: $1,999: GMO Reveals Details of Its New 7nm Bitcoin Miner

Japanese IT giant GMO Internet has revealed prices and specs for its new-from-the-ground-up bitcoin miner – the world's first based on a 7nm chip.

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CryptoCurrency News: Magic Number? Chart Data Hints at June 6 Bitcoin Boost

A major reprieve just may be in the offing for the battered bitcoin bulls in the next 36 hours – if, that is, historical patterns repeat themselves.

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CryptoCurrency News: HSBC Exec Warns 'Digital Islands' Could Inhibit Blockchain Trade

Blockchains should do for the global value chain what shipping containers did for transport of goods, says HSBC trade finance expert Vinay Mendonca.

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CryptoCurrency News: China Has Built a Blockchain System That Could Replace Paper Checks

China's central bank has completed a blockchain-based system that digitizes checks in a move to counter fraud in the country.

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CryptoCurrency News: Telecoms Giant Wants to Move Mobile Data Top-Ups to a Blockchain

China Mobile, one of China's three state-owned telecoms giants, is exploring moving part of its mobile data business to a distributed ledger.

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CryptoCurrency News: Failed Breakout Revives Bitcoin's Bull-Bear Tug-of-War

Bitcoin's retreat from Sunday's high of $7,779 has poured cold water over the bull mood generated by the weekend's positive price action.

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CryptoCurrency News: Russian Court Overturns Cryptocurrency Media Ban

A city-level court in Russia has revoked a ban issued in 2016 that blocked cryptocurrency media site bitcoininfo.ru, among others.

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CryptoCurrency News: Verge's Blockchain Attacks Are Worth a Sober Second Look

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency verge has dealt with several attacks recently, displaying how difficult it is to code blockchains without exploits.

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