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CryptoCurrency News: The Crowd Machine Crypto Token Theft: What We Know Thus Far

A crypto startup aiming to disrupt AWS has suffered a massive token theft. While few details are available, here's what we know and don't know.

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[FOREX TIP] GBPAUD Bearish Cypher Harmonic Pattern – 25th Sept 2018

GBPAUD Bearish Cypher Harmonic Pattern - 25th Sept 2018

GBPAUD Bearish Cypher Harmonic Pattern – 25th Sept 2018

We have a Completed Bearish Cypher Harmonic Pattern in GBPAUD today.
This is on a H4 time frame.
Enter into sell position at D or the price of 1.81600 (or as close as possible to it).
We target to exit with a Take Profit Target of 1.80200.
Good luck with the trade.

  • Sell Price: 1.81600 (or as close to it as possible)
  • Stop Loss: 1.82100
  • Take Profit Target: 1.80200

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CryptoCurrency News: Coinbase Gears Up for Biggest-Ever Expansion of Crypto Asset Listings

Coinbase's new policy will speed the addition of assets to the exchange but may leave users in some places unable to trade coins available elsewhere.

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CryptoCurrency News: Crypto Firms to Congress: We Need Clarity on Blockchain Token Rules

More than 80 representatives from a variety of cryptocurrency projects and companies spent four hours calling for clarity around ICOs and tokens.

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CryptoCurrency News: Music-Sharing Startup Audius Gives New Details on Twin Crypto Tokens

Blockchain startup Audius has revealed details of its decentralized music network's two tokens and governance system in a white paper.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Just Took a Step Toward Becoming a 'Multi-Network' Cryptocurrency

A long-in-the-works proposal heralded as the best way to bring sidechains to bitcoin has released its first code after three years in development.

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CryptoCurrency News: Google to Allow Ads for 'Regulated' Crypto Exchanges Next Month

Google has revealed that it will begin allowing cryptocurrency exchange advertisements in the U.S. and Japan, starting in October.

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CryptoCurrency News: Japan Regulators Seek Answers in Wake of Zaif's $60 Million Crypto Hack

Japan's top financial regulator is seeking answers from the operator of the Zaif cryptocurrency exchange.

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CryptoCurrency News: Mt Gox Trustee Has Sold $230 Million in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Since March

The Japanese trustee for Mt. Gox has sold cryptos worth $230 million since March as part of the collapsed exchange's bankruptcy proceedings.

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CryptoCurrency News: Early Execs Leave Block.one, The Peter Thiel-Backed Crypto Startup Behind EOS

As Block.one was raising $4 billion from Silicon Valley and Wall Street, a group of executives decided to quit and build a bigger, better blockchain.

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CryptoCurrency News: Over 75 New Banks: JPMorgan Expands Blockchain Payments Trial

A blockchain payments trial launched by JPMorgan, Australia's ANZ and the Royal Bank of Canada has just gained over 75 new banks as participants.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bearish Cross Hints at More Losses Ahead for Bitcoin Price

A bearish crossover between key moving averages on the monthly chart indicates scope for a deeper drop in bitcoin.

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CryptoCurrency News: SBI Aims for Cashless Society With Mobile Payments Token Trial

Financial giant SBI Group has announced that it is testing a crypto token called "S coin" to enable retail payments over mobile devices.

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[FOREX TIP] GBPNZD Price Action Analysis – 25th Sept 2018

GBPNZD produced an Inside bar Daily candle yesterday. The H4 chart suggests that the pair made a nice correction. A flip over Resistance level was held by the price yesterday. Moreover, the same level has been working as a level of Resistance today. Today’s two H4 candles were held by the level as well. It is time for the sellers to get an H4 Bearish Engulfing candle to take a short entry on the pair. Let us have a look at the H4 GBPNZD chart.

GBPNZD Price Action Analysis – 25th Sept 2018

GBPNZD Price Action Analysis – 25th Sept 2018

The level of 1.97465 is the key level here. The price had a bounce on this level earlier. Now it has been working as a Resistance. It has produced some H4 Bearish reversal candles. However, an H4 Bearish Engulfing Candle would be the signal for the sellers to sell off the pair again. Let us have a look at the summary of the trade…

  • Sell Stop Order: 1.96700
  • Stop Loss: 1.97465
  • Take Profit: 1.95500
  • Validity: 72 hours
  • Whenever possible, move the stop loss to the entry price and whenever you want, you can take profit anytime as long as you feel comfortable

I assume the H4 signal might one that includes the London Open. Thus, the best possibility for the signal to come is at GMT 10.00. Please note that if the signal does not come on the H4 candle that we are assuming, but it comes on the next H4 candle that would be a valid signal as well. None of the currency has any high impact news event today. Thus, the Bearish journey of the pair would be smooth if we get an H4 Bearish Engulfing candle from the marked level.


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CryptoCurrency News: Sandboxes Aren't Enough: Blockchain Leaders Seek Regulation Relief

Even in blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, some say regulatory hurdles and old mindsets are holding back innovation and growth for the industry.

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