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CryptoCurrency News: Korea's Exchange Hacks: What the Country's Crypto Scene Is Saying

Koreans have been up in arms on social media ever since two popular South Korean crypto exchanges were hacked only weeks a part from each other.

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CryptoCurrency News: Congress Advances Bill to Study Crypto Use in Drug, Sex Trafficking

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives have passed a bill that would approve a study of the use of cryptocurrencies in the sex and drug trades.

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CryptoCurrency News: Overwinter Is Here: Zcash Claims 'Successful' First Hard Fork

Zcash has successfully activated its Overwinter hard fork, setting the privacy-focused cryptocurrency up for its major Sapling upgrade in the autumn.

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CryptoCurrency News: PBoC Filings Reveal Big Picture for Planned Digital Currency

The continuing efforts by China's central bank to build a fully-featured digital currency product are revealed in its many patent filings.

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CryptoCurrency News: Privacy Is Vital to Crypto – And the Global Economy

Privacy is needed to enhance the "moneyness" of cryptocurrency. As it is, our entire global system of money has also seen its fungibility deteriorate.

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CryptoCurrency News: 2 APAC Nations Have Ruled Out Central Bank Digital Currencies

The central banks of both Australia and New Zealand have said they do not plan to create their own digital currencies – at least for now.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Price Building Relief Rally, But Resistance Hurdles Await

Currently trading sideways, bitcoin still looks set for a corrective rally as long as prices remain above $6,000.

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CryptoCurrency News: A New Business Model Is Shaking Up the Crypto Exchange Rankings

The recently introduced, and controversial, "trans-fee mining" revenue model is starting to change the cryptocurrency exchange landscape.

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CryptoCurrency News: Banks Are Trying to Launch Crypto Assets with R3 Tech

Stealth project Cordite, led by the Royal Bank of Scotland, promises the equivalent of an ERC-20 token standard for R3's open-source Corda platform.

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[FOREX TIP] EURJPY Price Action Analysis – 26th June 2018

EURJPY made a Bullish move on the H1 chart. The price seems to have paused at a strong level of Daily Resistance. Moreover, the H1 chart suggests that the pair is trying to produce a Double Top. If we get a breakout at the neck of the Double Top, then selling the pair would get us some green pips.

EURJPY Price Action Analysis – 26th June 2018

The level of 128.430 is a Daily Resistance. If you look at the H1 chart, you see that the pair is producing a Double Top there as well today. Now, if the price stars coming down from right there and makes an H1 breakout at 128.020, then the pair would reach at the level of 127.355 without having that many pauses. Let us have a look at the summary of the trade…

  • Sell Stop Order: 128.020
  • Stop loss: 128.430
  • Take Profit: 127.355
  • Validity: 72 hours
  • Whenever possible, move the stop loss to the entry price and whenever you want, you can take profit anytime as long as you feel comfortable

None of the currency of this pair has any high impact news event today. Thus, the signal might come at any time. However, I assume that the signal might come after the London open. Many traders love to take an entry just after a 15M breakout on this kind of trade setup. I would not say that it is a bad idea. However, to be able to play in a safer mode, H1 breakout is better. If H1 breakout goes too far, then we might wait for a little correction just to make sure that we get a better risk and reward ratio.

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CryptoCurrency News: Exchange Leak Puts $620K Worth of Customer Crypto At Risk

A new exchange from South Korea leaked critical information about 19 of its users, potentially putting some $620,000 worth of cryptocurrency at risk.

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