Saturday, February 15, 2020

CryptoCurrency News: Exploit During ETHDenver Reveals Experimental Nature of Decentralized Finance

A $350,000 hack casts light on the problem of depending on single price oracles.

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CryptoCurrency News: Governor: Colorado Startups Have Raised $50 Million in Venture Capital

Governor Jared Polis joined CoinDesk at ETHDenver where he talked about the future of crypto regulation.

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CryptoCurrency News: We Think 10-Minute Settlement Is Slow but That’s Crazy, Feat. CoinDesk Research’s Noelle Acheson

CoinDesk Head of Research Noelle Acheson joins the Amun State of Crypto crew to discuss the advantages, disadvantages and eccentricities of crypto markets, exchanges, settlement and more.

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CryptoCurrency News: When Corporations Violate Privacy, They Do Concrete Harm

There are concrete safety implications to consumer privacy violations, says Lindsey Barrett of Georgetown Law.

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CryptoCurrency News: From Crypto Self-Custody to Music Rights, This Mother-Daughter Dev Team Does It All

Developer Cindy Zimmerman and her mother Judy Katzman are among the cryptocurrency community’s most quietly prolific builders.

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