Sunday, March 15, 2020

CryptoCurrency News: Price Drop Casts Pall Over Bitcoin Miners’ Equipment Upgrades

Bitcoin miners spent $500M+ over the past six months preparing for May’s “halving”. Last week’s price crash means they may wait longer for the payoff.

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CryptoCurrency News: QE4 Begins: Fed Cuts Rates, Buys $700B in Bonds; Bitcoin Rallies 7.7%

Effectively, this is “QE4,” the fourth major round of quantitative easing by the American central bank since the global financial crisis a little more than a decade ago.

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CryptoCurrency News: ‘Anything That Can Be Decentralized Will Be Decentralized’ 6 Years Later

After one of the most challenging weeks in recent memory we're talking about a new consensus driven approach to DeFi oracles and revisiting Johnston's Law (anything that can be decentralized will be decentralized) with the man who coined the phrase so many years ago.

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