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CryptoCurrency News: Wallet Provider Blockchain Sues Crypto Startup Days Before ICO

Blockchain is suing Paymium for launching a token sale under the blockchain.io domain name, claiming the latter is misleading investors.

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CryptoCurrency News: In Wake of 'Major Failure,' Bitcoin Code Review Comes Under Scrutiny

In the wake of a severe code vulnerability, bitcoin developers are asking if current code review processes are enough to prevent further failures.

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CryptoCurrency News: Walmart Tells Produce Suppliers to Use Blockchain by Next September

Walmart will begin tracking leafy greens using IBM's blockchain technology starting late next year, the company announced Monday.

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CryptoCurrency News: Regulation News Moves Bitcoin Prices, BIS Report Says

A new report from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) contends that bitcoin markets are swayed by news events related to regulation.

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CryptoCurrency News: Coinbase Just Partnered With A Token Startup in Bid to Attract Pro Traders

U.S.-based crypto exchange Coinbase has teamed up with institution-focused crypto trading platform Caspian to boost its offerings for financial pros.

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CryptoCurrency News: The US Should Take a 'Leadership' Role on Blockchain, IBM Report Argues

A new report by IBM claims that U.S.-based blockchain developers are looking to the government for leadership on building and deploying the tech.

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CryptoCurrency News: Australia's Securities Watchdog Has Halted 5 ICOs Since April

Australia's securities regulator said late last week that it has halted five initial coin offerings (ICOs) in as many months.

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CryptoCurrency News: HODL No More? The Amount of Bitcoin in Active Wallets Is Near Record Highs

An increasing amount of bitcoin is held by active individual users, suggesting the market is ripe for transactional growth, according to Chainalysis.

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CryptoCurrency News: '500 Transactions a Second': Vitalik Says Zk-Snarks Could Scale Ethereum

A form of cryptography pioneered by zcash might help scale ethereum "by a huge amount," says founder Vitalik Buterin.

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CryptoCurrency News: $6.9K Is the New Price to Watch for Bitcoin Bulls

Bitcoin's narrowing price range means a bull breakout could occur if prices beat key resistance at $6,970.

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CryptoCurrency News: Juventus Soccer Club Is Launching a Crypto Token to Give Fans a 'Voice'

One of the most popular soccer clubs in the world is launching a crypto token that it says will boost fan numbers by allowing them to "be heard."

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[FOREX TIP] GBPCAD Price Action Analysis – 24th Sept 2018

GBPCAD made a strong Bullish move on the last Friday. The H4 chart looks extremely Bullish. Today’s two H4 candles have been held by a level of Resistance. The current H4 candle seems to be a Bearish candle. If this candle ends up being an H4 Bearish Engulfing Candle and we get an H1 breakout at yesterday’s lower low, then selling the pair would get us some green pips. Let us have a look at the H4 GBPCAD chart.

GBPCAD Price Action Analysis – 24th Sept 2018

GBPCAD Price Action Analysis – 24th Sept 2018

The level of 1.69160 is a level of Flip Over Resistance. Today’s two H4 candles have been nicely held by the level. If this level produces an H4 Bearish Engulfing Candle and we get an H1 breakout at the level of 1.68585, then the price would head towards the level of 1.67550 without having that many pauses. Let us have a look at the summary of the trade…

  • Sell Stop Order: 1.68550
  • Stop Loss: 1.69160
  • Take Profit: 1.67550
  • Validity: 72 hours
  • Whenever possible, move the stop loss to the entry price and whenever you want, you can take profit anytime as long as you feel comfortable

Almost all the GBP pairs made a strong Bearish move on the last Friday. All the H4 charts look Bearish. However, if you have a look at the H4-GBPCAD chart, this looks best. The trend started from a strong Resistance level by making a Double Top. The chart is clutter free. This is what attracts more price action traders to keep their eyes on a pair. I assume all the GBP might go down today, but GBPCAD would go down in the nicest way.


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CryptoCurrency News: Regulators Are Landing Punches, But There's a Long Crypto Fight Ahead

From ShapeShift's capitulation to KYC to the New York Attorney General's critical look at exchanges, officialdom is striking heavy blows. Stay tuned.

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