Tuesday, February 27, 2018

CryptoCurrency News: $35 Million Refund? Developer Appeals Ethereum for Hard Fork Hack Reversal

An early ethereum developer is speaking out about why he feels a platform-wide software upgrade should be used to help him recover lost funds.

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CryptoCurrency News: Customer ID Now Required for Crypto Exchange Purchases in Malaysia

Malaysia's central bank is now requiring domestic crypto exchanges to comply with anti-money laundering and know-your-customer mandates.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bill Gates' 'Nonsense' Crypto Comments Draw Twitter Ire

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates claimed cryptocurrency "has caused deaths in a fairly direct way." The crypto community found that very amusing.

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CryptoCurrency News: Trump Administration Working on 'Comprehensive Strategy' for Crypto

A senior U.S. official said Tuesday that the government is looking into creating a "comprehensive strategy" around cryptocurrencies.

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CryptoCurrency News: Goldman Sachs Exec: Central Bank Cryptos Could Be 'Incredibly Useful'

A Goldman Sachs exec believes that cryptocurrencies – at least those that might one day be created by central banks – could be "incredibly useful."

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CryptoCurrency News: The Telegram ICO: What We Know (And Don't) About 2018's Biggest Token Sale

Encrypted chat app Telegram hasn't formally announced an initial coin offering, but that isn't stopping a flurry of information about the deal.

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CryptoCurrency News: StarbucksCoin? Exec Says Coffee Seller Will 'Probably' Use Blockchain

StarbucksCoin? Recent comments from the coffee chain's executive chairman suggest the idea isn't so far-fetched.

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CryptoCurrency News: E-Commerce Giant Rakuten Is Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency

Japanese e-commerce firm Rakuten is launching Rakuten Coin to use as part of its loyalty rewards program.

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CryptoCurrency News: Venezuelan Leader Claims Big Demand for Petro Cryptocurrency

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said the government has received 171,000 certified purchase orders for the petro, most of them from individuals.

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CryptoCurrency News: Israeli Supreme Court Rules for Bitcoin Broker in Bank Dispute

A cryptocurrency brokerage based in Israel won't have its bank account closed – for now – thanks to an intervention by the Supreme Court. 

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CryptoCurrency News: A Ray of Hope for Utility Tokens

Wyoming’s utility token bill, if enacted, is likely to be influential beyond its borders, as a model for other states and for the federal government.

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CryptoCurrency News: Japan's Finance Watchdog Eyeing ICO Regulation, Says Report

Japan's financial regulator is reportedly mulling the creation of a regulatory framework for firms raising funds through initial coin offerings.

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[FOREX NEWS] Powell Play: Live coverage of the testimony

Fed Chair Jerome Powell is making his first official testimony on Capitol Hill. The Federal Reserve releases his statement and then he faces lawmakers. Markets want to see if he continues with three hikes in 2018 or goes for four, continuing the data-dependent tradition of the Fed. His wording on inflation will be closely watched. [...]

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Cash Rallies on 38% Rise in Trading Volume

Bitcoin cash is on the rise amid rising volumes, but can it break out of the bearish falling-channel pattern?

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CryptoCurrency News: Texas Issues Another Cease-and-Desist over Alleged Crypto Fraud

Texas' securities regulator has ordered yet another cryptocurrency investment firm to halt services over alleged fraud and securities violations.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bull Return? Bitcoin Eyes $11K Following Upside Break

As bullish indicators strengthen, bitcoin now looks set to extend gains to $11,000 or higher, chart analysis indicates.

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CryptoCurrency News: Digital Currency Group Invests in Bitcoin-Friendly Silvergate Bank

Cryptocurrency VC firm Digital Currency Group has confirmed an investment in bitcoin startup-friendly Silvergate Bank.

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CryptoCurrency News: Making Peace with Crypto's Capacity for Evil

The latest awkward use case for cryptocurrency is funding rogue states led by egotistical dictators. The world may just have to live with this.

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CryptoCurrency News: E-Commerce Giant JD.com Launches Blockchain Startup Accelerator

JD.com, one of China's largest e-commerce platforms, is launching an accelerator program to foster the development of blockchain-focused startups.

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