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CryptoCurrency News: How Savvy Crypto Traders Gamed Coinbase's Latest Listing for a 35% Payday

It's possible to know what cryptocurrencies are going to be listed on Coinbase before it goes public.

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CryptoCurrency News: Media Startup Civil to Issue Refunds as $8 Million Token Sale Fails

The New York-based blockchain media startup Civil will issue refunds to participants in its token sale, which failed to hit the $8 million minimum.

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CryptoCurrency News: Which Stablecoin Is the Riskiest? The Crypto Market Is Pricing That In

Buying bitcoin may be cheaper using a stablecoin the market has greater confidence in, like the Gemini dollar, than with an alternative like USDT.

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CryptoCurrency News: Coinbase Now Lets You Buy and Sell Ethereum Token 0x

Retail investors can now trade the 0x Protocol on Coinbase.com, as well as its Android and iOS apps.

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CryptoCurrency News: Winklevoss-Backed Stablecoin Soars Above $1 as Tether's Market Cap Plunges

The Gemini dollar has broken its peg and climbed to a price of $1.19 on Tuesday.

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CryptoCurrency News: Abu Dhabi, Belgium Ports Collaborate on Blockchain Trade Pilot

A subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports has partnered with Port of Antwerp for a blockchain pilot aimed to facilitate international trade.

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CryptoCurrency News: Australian State Eyes Blockchain Upgrade for Property Transactions

The New South Wales state government is trialing blockchain tech from ChromaWay as part of a bid to digitize property conveyance by next summer.

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CryptoCurrency News: Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Restarts Fiat Deposits Claiming 'Improved' Process

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex says it has rolled out a new process for depositing fiat currency after it halted the service last week.

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CryptoCurrency News: Decred Is Turning Its Entire $21 Million Crypto Treasury Over to Investors

Decred is handing control of its $21 million treasury and all aspects of the protocol, from consensus through staffing, over to token holders.

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CryptoCurrency News: The Crypto Protocol Trying to Unite Every Exchange Order Book

Imagine the liquidity of every crypto exchange, but in one giant pool. That's what Paradigm aims to build, and investors are on board.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Price Is Defending One Key Support for the Fifth Month Running

Bitcoin's recovery from three-week lows has kept a key long-term moving average support intact.

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CryptoCurrency News: LINE's Crypto Exchange Lists Its Own Token Against Bitcoin, Ether

Messaging giant LINE's Bitbox exchange has made its LINK token available for trading against bitcoin, ethereum and tether.

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CryptoCurrency News: Another Top-10 Crypto Exchange Is Adding 4 Stablecoins This Week

The Huobi exchange has announced it will add support for four U.S. dollar-pegged cryptos, a day after OKEx did the same.

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CryptoCurrency News: Do These Indicators Suggest a Bitcoin Price Rally Early in 2019?

Bitcoin often turns technical analysis on its head, and might be about to do it again.

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[FOREX TIP] GBPJPY Price Action Analysis – 16th Oct 2018

GBPJPY produced a huge Bullish Engulfing H4 candle at a significant level of Support yesterday. Today’s price action has been bullish as well. There is a strong level of Resistance nearby. If that level gets broken by an H4 candle, then we might get an opportunity to take a long entry. Let us have a look at the H4 GBPJPY chart.

GBPJPY Price Action Analysis – 16th Oct 2018

GBPJPY Price Action Analysis – 16th Oct 2018

The level of 146.860 is the Intraday support here. On the other hand, 147.400 is the level of Resistance, which has to be broken. Today’s first H4 candle came out as a Bullish Engulfing candle. The next H4 candle came out as a Bullish candle as well. If the current candle makes a breakout at the level of 147.400, then we would have to wait for a little correction up to the breakout level and an H1 Bullish Engulfing candle right at the breakout level to take the long entry. Let us have a look at the summary of the trade…

  • Buy Stop Order: 147.400
  • Stop Loss: 146.860
  • Take Profit: 148.250
  • Validity: 72 hours
  • Whenever possible, move the stop loss to the entry price and whenever you want, you can take profit anytime as long as you feel comfortable

The GBP has a High impact news event today at GMT 09.30. I assume the GBPJPY pair would make the breakout before the news event and might produce the signal right after the news event hour. If the signal comes before the news event, we might as well skip taking the entry. However, it would be safe to take the entry at any time as long as it comes after the news event.

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