Thursday, December 28, 2017

CryptoCurrency News: Crypto Exchange Poloniex to Impose Customer ID Requirements

Cryptocurrency exchange service Poloniex is taking steps to ramp up the information it gathers on customers.

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CryptoCurrency News: Hacks, Scams and Attacks: Blockchain's Biggest 2017 Disasters

Hackers and scammers netted nearly $490 million in 2017. In this recap, CoinDesk takes a look at the most important incidents and their impact.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Among Year's Top Searches, Google Data Says

New data from Google suggests internet users searched for information on bitcoin at a rate that outpaced some of the top news stories this year.

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CryptoCurrency News: Singapore Court Dismisses Dispute Over $43 Million in Bitcoin

The Singapore court dismisses B2C2's attempt to reclaim 3,092 bitcoin from Quoine.

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CryptoCurrency News: 2018 and Beyond: Tokens Are Slowly Eating the Firm

Think DAOs and tokens are just a joke? This lawyer believes they may be coming to bring an open-source ethos to your business model.

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CryptoCurrency News: Massachusetts Securities Regulator: Bitcoin Fails "The Smell Test"

The top securities regulator in Massachusetts raised concerns on the bitcoin bubble and called the bitcoin market "entirely speculation."

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CryptoCurrency News: South Korea to Tighten Bitcoin Exchange Rules Amid ‘Speculative’ Boom

The South Korea now bans domestic cryptocurrency exchanges from allowing users to make transactions through anonymous accounts.

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CryptoCurrency News: ICOs: The Beauty, the Beast and JFK

What did ICOs get right in 2018? What went wrong? Attorney and entrepreneur Christine Duhaime unpacks a chaotic year.

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CryptoCurrency News: El-Erian Predicts Bitcoin Crash if Savvier Investors Sit Out Correction

Either the investor base diversifies during this price correction or bitcoin will crash very hard, former Pimco chief predicts.

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[FOREX NEWS] US remain at 245K – USD remains on the back foot

The US was expected to report a small slide in weekly jobless claims: 240K in the final report published in 2017 after 245K last week (before revisions). The goods trade balance was predicted to show a slightly narrower deficit of 67.7 billion after 68.3 billion last time. Wholesale inventories carried expectations for a rise of [...]

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[FOREX NEWS] Ripple Price: 3 reasons why XRP/USD rallies while the rest reel

Cryptocurrencies are struggling for nearly a week: after some of the coins surged to record highs, a big crash came last Friday. Since then, we are seeing a recovery, but just a few hours ago, another slide was seen across the board. However, one digital currency stands out: Ripple. The price of XRP/USD has reached [...]

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[FOREX NEWS] EUR/USD extends gains. Naturally

When nothing happens, EUR/USD rises. Why? The euro-zone enjoys a wide trade balance surplus, mostly thanks to the German export machine. The US has a significant trade deficit. So, the flows of importers and exporters lead to net euro buys and net dollars sales. Needless to say, forex trading is not only about exchanges of [...]

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