Wednesday, August 16, 2017

CryptoCurrency News: ASX Calls for Review of Distributed Ledger Settlement Platform

The Australian Securities Exchange wants to know more about the Digital Asset DLT platform, and will commission a third party study to do so.

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CryptoCurrency: Ethereum News August 17, 2017 at 07:25AM #ETH

.@SingularDTV Creates Entertainment Division https://t.co/gaJBckW0Rt


CryptoCurrency: Ethereum News August 17, 2017 at 04:55AM #ETH

#Thailand To Apply #Blockchain To Postal Services And #IoT To Railways https://t.co/D3W1oXaY59 @Thailand_Post


CryptoCurrency: Ethereum News August 17, 2017 at 04:08AM #ETH

Russia’s #Rosstandart Working To Establish #Blockchain Standards https://t.co/1TMOzhh95H #Russia


CryptoCurrency News: Investor Naval Ravikant Wants to Disrupt Twitter With Blockchain 'XPRIZE'

Early Twitter investor Naval Ravikant to back "XPRIZE" for a blockchain-based Twitter using Blockstack technologies.

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CryptoCurrency: Ethereum News August 17, 2017 at 02:24AM #ETH

.@BitcoinSuisseAG Works With Falcon Private Bank To Offer #Ether https://t.co/aZ2xpNfjXF #CryptoAssets


CryptoCurrency News: CULedger Credit Union Consortium Launches Blockchain Services Business

A blockchain initiative backed by a group of US credit unions has formed a new full-fledged service organization dedicated to the tech.

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CryptoCurrency News: Cryptocurrency Exchange ShapeShift Acquires Bitcoin Wallet Startup

Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift has acquired the bitcoin hardware wallet startup KeepKey.

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CryptoCurrency News: Block 494,784: Segwit2x Developers Set Date for Bitcoin Hard Fork

The developer team behind the Segwit2x scaling proposal is set to announce a formal date for a planned bitcoin hard fork today.

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CryptoCurrency News: AMD Releases New Software Package for Cryptocurrency Mining

Graphics card (GPU) maker AMD is rolling out a new software driver geared specifically toward cryptocurrency mining.

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CryptoCurrency News: Swiss Bank to Sell Ether and Bitcoin Cash to Customers

A private Swiss bank is expanding a digital asset management service it launched earlier this summer to include new cryptocurrencies.

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CryptoCurrency News: Bitcoin Down $100 as Price Fights to Stay Above $4,000

Bitcoin prices are beginning to move sideways, just a day after setting a new all-time high.

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CryptoCurrency News: ICO Meets VC: Blockstack Raises $25 Million for Decentralized Internet Fund

Decentralized internet startup Blockstack has raised $25 million in venture funding to grow and develop its distributed ecosystem.

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CryptoCurrency News: IT Giant NTT Data Enlists 13 Companies for Blockchain Consortium

Japan's largest IT services firm, NTT Data, has announced a new consortium aimed to investigate use cases for blockchain technology.

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CryptoCurrency News: 'Boiler Room' Cryptocurrency Scam Targeted by London Police

British police arrested an individual last week for allegedly fleecing would-be investors via a fake cryptocurrency investment scheme.

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CryptoCurrency News: IBM Reveals Blockchain Supply Chain Trial with Singapore Port Operator

A major port operator in Singapore is working alongside a regional ship owner and IBM to test a new blockchain-based supply chain network.

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[FOREX NEWS] Euro-zone Q2 GDP confirmed at 0.6% q/q, up to 2.2% y/y

While quarter over quarter GDP remains unchanged at 0.6% according to the updated numbers, the year over year figure is revised up to 2.2% y/y. EUR/USD is marginally higher, trading around 10 pips higher, and well within the recent trading ranges. The euro-zone was expected to confirm the GDP read for Q2 2017 at 0.6% [...]

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[FOREX NEWS] UK wages jump to 2.1% – GBP follows

All the figures beat on the UK jobs report: wages are up to 2.1% y/y in both headline salaries and wages excluding bonuses. The unemployment rate is down to 4.4%, also better than expected. The number of jobless claims for July dropped by 4.2K, better than a rise in the number of the jobless that [...]

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