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[FOREX TIP] Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 20th to 24th Feb 2017

Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 20th to 24th Feb 2017

EURUSD finished the last week slightly bearish, but with huge rejection from the South. There were number of news events last week, but none of them created real trend. As usual, they did produce long spikes as far as intra-day trading is concerned. That made EURUSD traders have a tough time to take entries last week.

Let us now have a look at the next week’s news events that might create volatility on EURUSD.

Wednesday-22nd February-19 GMT

  • FOMC meeting minutes

This is going to be the first high impact news event next week, and it is a big one. I would not be surprised if EURUSD be quiet before this news event and start moving after this. Traders must be careful with their Intra-day entries before next week’s FOMC meeting minutes. I assume this news event’s impact could stay for 4/5 trading days.

Thursday- 23rd February-13.30 GMT

  • Unemployment Claims

This the second high impact news event in coming week. This week’s forecast is 239K. Last week’s actual claim was 239K as well. Last 3 weeks Unemployment claims data has been good for the USD. This time the forecast number is a tight one. Thus, the pair might get volatile if the number of actual claims comes bigger than the forecast. Traders should be cautious with their intra-day entries before this event next week.

Thursday- 23rd February-16.00 GMT

  • Crude oil inventories

This one is going to be the last high impact news event in coming week for EURUSD. This one does not always create solid trend, but long spikes. A dangerous news event for the Intra-day traders since it sweeps away stop losses of short time frames.As we can see, there are only 3 high impact news events next week. Thus, EURUSD traders have to pay special attention to these news events. Among them, the FOMC meeting minutes has to be dealt with very cautiously.


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